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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Receive the SEO Audit?

You’ll get the SEO audit in 48h after the payment has been received.

Do you offer a more detailed SEO audit?

Yes, you can opt for a detailed SEO audit that would require 1-2 weeks for delivery (depending on the size of the website).

Help, I Don’t Have Time for the SEO Audit!

You can ask for a quote to get help in completing the tasks from the quick SEO audit.

Will I Rank on the First Page of Google?

There are many moving parts but it is possible to rank on the first page for certain keywords, depending on the competition.

You’ll get a list of actionable items to improve your SEO rankings!

It’s hard to believe that you can achieve some SEO results on your own without having someone modify your website. The SEO audit will give you that freedom with no strings attached.

If you’ll ever feel overwhelmed, you can contact me or another SEO expert that will be able to complete the remaining SEO tasks.

Ciprian Tepes

Founder – Quick SEO Audit