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You will perform: full technical site inspection, page speed insights test, mobile compatibility test, visible content test, meta tags analysis, GSC and canonical tags verification, facebook metadata check, internal and external links count, alt tags check, text to code ratio check, HTML tags analysis, robots.txt check, and HTTP headers check.

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What is a SEO audit and why is it so important?

SEO audit is a crucial factor and a part of search engine optimization process that can be introduced by website owner. In other words, if a website isn’t properly prepared for SEO there is not much to be done.

Verification and maintenance should be performed for new websites and also after any certain change performed on already existing website.

Particular components defined as essential, especially HTML title and description tags that have direct effect on displayed search results. Thanks to it, you have influence on what information does Google dispaly.

Correct title and descritpion tags may cause positive impact to website visibility, otherwise it can cause ranking drop.

Not only SEO audit evaluates content but also technical parameters that may result in positive recognition by Google.

We’d included website speed test results and its mobile-friendly design verification.

We also evaluate text content to code ratio, websites metadata, use of appropriate tags and many more.

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